Simple. Motion.

InoDrive™ is an Innovative, Networked, All-In-One Integrated Motion System Package Built for Modern Engineers Who Require Highly Reliable, Accurate, and Precise Control of Brushless DC Motors.
Here are 13 ways InoDrive will simplify your next motion control application:

1. It’s simple to install and configure.

2. It combines all the capabilities of a servo amplifier, motion controller, and fully functional logic engine into a single, flexible, and powerful device.

3. It is powered by InoWorx™, our powerful web IDE platform that provides a ladder free, code free environment with all the critical design elements to solve the most demanding motion applications.

4. InoWorx provides APIs and pre-engineered routines for PC and SBC driven applications.

5. InoWorx is accessible from any browser.

6. It allows you to control one or more brushless DC servomotors over an Ethernet network.

7. Software updates and ongoing enhancements occur automatically without typical download/install requirements. Never worry about version issues again!

8. It can be online and fully connected at all times - never be without tools you need to get the job done!

9. It allows and simplifies multi-axis control with safe torque off (STO).

10. It eliminates stand alone control panels and PLCs.

11. InoDrive has a built-in web server for diagnostics and a full set of libraries such as Python, JavaScript and .net APIs.

12. It’s compatible with simple to use and versatile technologies like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, ROCKPro 64, and more.

13. It features finger-safe packaging and is well suited for remote mounting on equipment, extrusions, etc.