Cartesian Robotics - InoWorx is ideally suited for single or multi-belt actuators, commonly utilized in XY and XYZ applications. Additional on-board I/O are available for any sensors and/or end effectors which may be present. InoWorx Programmer provides the building blocks to easily implement coordinated motion with smooth synchronized trajectories.

Special Conveyor Operations - With a form factor which is ideally suited to field mounting, our InoDrive modules contain their own internal Ethernet switch, allowing multiple InoDrives to be inserted into any Ethernet network run, without adding additional switch hardware and cable runs. A very low cost and efficient method of adding functions such as label application, diverting, marking, edge aligning and/or gapping to any conveyor Line.

Continuous Process Lines - With analog input onboard (and discrete I/O as well), InoWorx is a perfect product for synchronizing process lines, managing dancer loops, and performing registered cutting, printing, insetting, laminating, etc. Perfect distributed control platform to control production lines of varying material compositions including corrugate, plastics, metallic films, spray coatings, etc. InoWorx simplifies these operations with building blocks for local InoDrive controllers and even external Ethernet-equipped AC and DC motor drive systems.

Stitching, OverEdging, Textiles - High speed and accurate brushless motor control of nip wheels and steering/feed mechanisms used on sewing equipment, providing edge control for sewing emblems and stitching logos and patterns onto a variety of materials.

Rotating Equipment - InoWorx Programmer includes simple to use building blocks to manage speed and position of rotating equipment such as industrial carousels, precision rotary tables, spin coating materials onto substrates, and much more.

Light/Laser Positioning - Ideal low cost yet precise solution to position lights and effects used in cinematography, and to position lasers to create crosshairs used as guides to aid manual operators during a variety of industrial assembly and alignment operations.

Packaging - Perfect controls solution for brushless motor control and discrete solenoid-actuator-valve control in a wide variety of packaging operations such as applying adhesives, golding, forming, sealing, capping, labeling, etc. High speed motor control, with onboard analog/digital I/O, with a simple and friendly InoWorx IDE to create an "all-in-one" compact and powerful solution for (1) or more axes.

InoDrive + Raspberry Pi - All of the tools and accessories needed to step into the new age of SBC based control. InoWorx provides the "cloud- based" IDE and APIs to seamlessly integrate with Raspberry Pi and other popular SBCs, offering IIoT and Industry 4.0 compliance to solve a wide range of applications which utilize cellular networks, GPS, solar positioning, RFID equipment, webCams, and much more.

InoDrives + HMI - Integrate your InoDrive network with PC/SBC based HMI touchscreens, Ethernet based message displays, or use your favorite Ethernet based HMI of choice.