InoDrive All-in-One Integrated Motion System Package

Servo Performance and Accuracy. Surprisingly Affordable.

InoDrive is an innovative, networked, all-in-one integrated motion system package built for modern engineers who require highly reliable, accurate, and precise control of brushless DC motors. It combines all the capabilities of a servo amplifier, motion controller, and fully functional logic engine, into a single, flexible, and powerful control unit.
InoDrive is powered by InoWorx, our powerful web IDE platform, providing a code-free approach with all the critical design elements to solve the most demanding motion applications. InoWorx is unique in that it provides API's and pre-engineered routines for PC and SBC driven applications, while also supporting legacy communication protocols for the more traditional control architectures of the past.
InoDrive effectively bridges the gap between complicated expensive servo drives systems and low cost brushless DC motor systems, while maintaining performance, accuracy and reliability. With InoDrive + InoWorx, the future of modern servo control and performance is now a reality. A distributed and robust design integrating critical motion control components into a single device while maximizing power, accuracy, ease of use, and reliability.