Easiest Motion Control Solution on the Planet!

Simply stated, the InoWorx Motion Control Platform (InoWorx) is the easiest and most efficient way to facilitate the creation and management of motion. It streamlines your operations, cuts down on manual labor, and automates routine tasks. By saving time and reducing effort, it boosts efficiency and significantly enhances productivity.

Are you struggling with outdated, inefficient, or manual processes that need automation? Tired of dealing with complex and costly motion control systems? InoWorx is a solution that is decentralized, doesn't require a control panel redesign, and is easily programmed using an intuitive graphical IDE.

inodrive model
A Comprehensive Motion Control System

InoWorx is designed for both engineers and non-engineers who demand simple, precise control for brushless DC servo applications. It is a comprehensive motion control system in an easy-to-install, user-friendly, and cost-effective package. We've merged the capabilities of a servo amplifier, motion control, and a fully functional logic engine into a versatile, powerful controller.

Remove Barriers to Implementing Motion Control

With InoWorx, you can access the system's power and versatility without needing extensive engineering expertise. This decentralized, distributed solution stores and executes its logic, motion profile, and I/O locally, installing directly on or near the machine or process you want to automate.

Automate Your Manual Processes

It offers a decentralized solution which is modular, flexible, and easy to implement – a perfect enhancement to any new or existing control system. You can quickly and cost-effectively automate processes that may currently be manual, outdated, or obsolete.